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Common Water Softener Repair and Issues

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014 by huntingtonbeachplumber No Comments

Since installing water softener at home is necessary, you need to be familiar with some water softener repair and issues. The same as with other parts of your plumbing, this water treating unit could also experience some problems. Calling the experts even with simple issues could really be expensive.

Line blockage

This blockage could happen due to the accumulation of water mineral and salt in the lines of the water softener. This problem often occurs in the water line leading to the brine tank and also on the filter screen.

There are also times when your softener would not function well so your water is not treated well. When this happens, it leads to frequent accumulation of sediments and deposits in the water lines.

If you wanted to know how to deal with this sediment build-up, consult your water softener manual. This would surely contain information that could assist you. Also make sure to practice maintenance on your softener to prevent the occurrence of this line blockage. Ways to do it is also available in the manual.

Salt Bridge

Accumulation of sodium could form a hard pile of deposit inside the water tank. This is called salt bridge. This happens due to use of sodium chloride in water softeners.

You simply have to break this build-up using anything that you could use to reach down the tank like a crowbar.

Resin Bead Maintenance

Even though most resin beads are made to last until your softener becomes unusable anymore, there will always come a time that it has to be cleaned or replaced. These beads have some problems when your unit needs to be recharged often.

This frequent need for recharging only means that something is wrong in your resin beads. If you see that the resin beads start to break down, you need to replace it.

Problems with the Motor

The water softener uses a motor for it to function. The same as with other appliances or units with motor, it could fail some time. When the softener suddenly shuts down and will not anymore work, checking the motor is necessary.

See to it that all connections are good. Also check the power cord for it could easily become disconnected or it might have loosened a bit. If you don’t see any obvious problem in the motor, it is best to call a professional.

These are just some of the many ways that you could check and repair problems in your water softener. Of course, when you see that the problem is more than you could handle, do not hesitate to call the experts fast. We at Huntington Beach Plumbing offer high quality repair and maintenance service for your water softener.

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