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DIY Bathroom Storage: Help You to Organize Your Room

Posted on: August 1st, 2018 by huntingtonbeachplumber No Comments

Meet the infamous bathroom, a place well known for clutters and piles of toiletries, but finally  you can stop sweating about it! Try these powerful tips to make your bathroom clutter-free and beautiful again.

Keep It Open!

We tend to keep bathroom peripherals all together in one place, usually a closed vanity, so that nobody will see the mess. However, it forces us to play hide and seek to find something inside. Therefore, why not attempton an open cabinet with trays and different size compartments to fit all the bathing needs. Play with colors and you will get an aesthetic bonus, despite instant visibility of all the items.

DIY Bathroom Storage

“X” is for Xuper

X-shape organizer designated for wine bottles could be cleverly used as towel house. The unique shape will contribute to a distinctive nuances in the bathroom, as if you are bathing in a spa or a hotel.

 Heat Proof

Assign a shallow metal tray to place hairdryer and flat / curling iron safely after use. It  prevents those from falling  and protect our loved ones from unwanted accidental burn.

Make it Personal

When it comes to bathing agenda, everything gets personal. Each people has their own preference in terms of bathing products, not to mention children,  which has a totally different set of bathing tools from their parents. Hence, it is always wise to provide each person a personal tray with their name on it. Let them have their privacy while keeping the bathroom neat.

Bring it Up

So tired of washing your toothbrush over and over again because it keeps falling to the sink? We hear you. Simply lift it up onto the wall with a stickie holder along with the toothbrush dispenser. Voila! You got it all time clean and ready to use.

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