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Safe Drain Cleaning Methods for Plumbing Contains Bacteria

Posted on: February 21st, 2018 by huntingtonbeachplumber No Comments

Have you ever experienced your pipe and distribution system smells really bad? There are some reasons for this. If it is not obstructed, there is a high possibility that it has been full of bacteria. Of course, you need to do some actions to sanitize it as soon as possible. Since water is essential for our life, it must always be hygienic to keep our health also. More than that, delaying cleaning the plumbing system just makes the bacteria grow and multiply uncontrollably. There are actually many ways to solve this problem. What to be explained here are them that are the safe drain cleaning methods. What are they?

Use Chlorine

drain cleaning

You can use chlorine to sanitize the water system anyway. This method is also known as ‘shock chlorination’. There are some good benefits of shock chlorination; they are helping you to inactivate bacteria that cause diseases, cleaning the unreachable areas faster and more effective, and preventing against the formation of bio-film. What is bio-film? It is a term to mention the layer of bacteria that covers stuff the inner wall of pipes. Somehow, it is so difficult to get rid of except you are able to brush it. With chlorine, it can just be simply released anyway.

So, how is to apply this method? First of all, make sure to provide the free chlorine with certain dosages from 50 to 200 ppm. Second, test it at first whether the level is really safe by smearing it on a small part of the pipe. Wait for minutes, when there is no reaction at all, you can continue the process. Third, apply the chlorine on the piping system. The system must be in drain condition. Wait for around 12 hours and then the water system is ready to use.

chlorine drain cleaning

If somehow you find chlorine with less than 10 ppm, it is better to repeat the process after 12 hours and then again, wait for it for the next 12 hours before the water system can be used. On the other hand, using chlorine with more than 200 ppm is not recommended except for the emergency situation. High level of residual chlorine is corrosive so that it can damage the pipelines and other water fixtures. More than that, it can even be dangerous for human also.

Types of equipment that Help Sanitizing the Plumbing System

If you think the use of a chemical substance is not good, you can try other ways. However, the results are still considered as less effective than using chlorine. One of them is the rigid system. It is by using a cleaning tool in the form of a spinning spiral wire. The crust, moss, and even microbial like bacteria and fungi can be removed using it. Next, there is also flushing. It is by spraying water with high pressure to the pipes. Unfortunately, this method needs big budgets for the types of equipment used. Therefore, it is now more common to be applied in the construction projects or other industries, not houses. For using this method, some pipeline cleaning service may make it available but with higher cost.

Drain cleaning is a part of plumbing maintenance that we should do continuously. Cleaning the drain is quite simple and can be done with lots of ways. If your drain is still bad even when you’ve tried clean it, don’t think twice to call us. We would help you to clean your drain, how bad it is. Contact us for assistance.

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