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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You May Try in 2018

Posted on: May 14th, 2018 by huntingtonbeachplumber No Comments

It does not matter whether you have a huge kitchen or a small one, creating an efficient design supported by the right color will definitely increase its value. When you put in beautifully designed cabinets, then you are virtually creating a masterpiece.  Here are some kitchen cabinet ideas you may want to ponder on.

Simple and Patterned

There is a notion that simplicity is beauty, and this is not lost when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs. This is ideal for airy, open, and flooded with natural light kitchens. The simple kitchen cabinets provide the contrast to the bright atmosphere of the kitchen including its countertops.

If you want to put a bit of twist to it, then you can also opt for patterned kitchen cabinets. These are classic designs that boast of added details that are not immediately visible. You can opt to install reduced transparency glass on the cabinet door to enhance its appeal.

Grey and Black

Can there be anything more classic? With inspirations drawn from 20th century designs, kitchen cabinets that possess the tweaked salt and pepper look become even better when paired with stainless steel.

If you are going for the black look, then complement it with a brass countertop to create a dramatic kitchen cabinet appeal. This does away with boring kitchen designs that are adorned with shelves, panels, and other oddities.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Soft, Glossy, and Accented

As far as elegance is concerned, accents like gold and marble would do the job. This is especially true if you can design it in such a way that the cabinets and drawers would be able to keep appliances out of sight. It would be best if soft lines are maintained for the kitchen cabinets.

Details obviously improve the value and look of kitchen cabinets, so colors, finishing, patterns, and designs all come to play. Creating that glossy look can be achieved in a number of ways, but, gold accents always are the best. More magic is created when you have dark colored cabinets that are accented by glossy gold trims. You may feel that this is a bit opulent, but, this gorgeous design can actually exude comfort and warmth.

Classic and Rustic

When we talk about classic kitchen cabinet designs, we are referring to the way how it adds dimension to your available space. Normally, neutral colors are used to create this visual appeal. Sometimes darker shades of white are combined with bright marble countertops to achieve just the right amount of contrast.

For kitchens dominated by stainless steel appliances, white cabinets can do the trick. With the clean lines delivered, the cabinets can give your kitchen that rustic feel especially if you have fieldstone walls. Somehow you will get that reserved moment while working in your kitchen.

Creative and Functional

For those who demand a more functional kitchen, raised cabinets would be the order of the day. This allows for easier cleaning of the base cabinets as well as maximizes areas for smaller kitchens. There is also less concern for crumbs accumulated from the kick plates.

Functional does not mean letting go of your creative side. Imagine designing a kitchen that looks like a galley boat for example; naturally, the cabinets should be consistent with this theme. It may sound whimsical for some, but, what’s the use of having a kitchen that you cannot be happy in? You can also use mixed materials for your cabinets to unleash your creativity. Try matching the material for your cabinet drawers with that of your appliances.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Alternative Materials

There are many different types of materials being used for kitchen cabinets today. Some of these materials have been around for ages, while others are the product of continuously evolving technology. For example, using Euro laminate for your cabinet panels can be both beautiful and functional as it will allow the light to bounce around the room.

Have you ever considered using chicken wire for your cabinet doors? It may sound rustic, but with the proper design, you will be surprised how sophisticated your kitchen can become. In fact, this material is often said to bring a modern touch to a farmhouse kitchen design.

All of these are bright kitchen cabinet ideas worth considering. If you do not know how to properly implement them, contact a professional immediately, and if you have kitchen problem and water leak, feel free to contact us.

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