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Drain Cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA

Many of our customers initially believed that they can do drain cleaning by themselves. Initially, we’d say they were somehow successful. The water eventually flowed and the clogs seemed to have dissolved with the chemical drain cleaners they flushed down the drain. However, after a while more pipes were clogged. Water was no longer flowing down the drains. Foul odor was everywhere. When they could no longer handle the smell, they called Huntington Beach Plumbing. Had they called a few more days late, they would have needed to replace their pipes. They could have had damaged properties. Now, our customers know better. They call us at the first instances they have clogged drains. Why? Drain cleaning is in fact not as simple as they seem.

Our Professional Drain Cleaning Techniques

Drain Cleaning in Huntington Beach, CAOne of the best solutions we recommend is the Bio-Clean blend that makes use of bacteria and enzymes to conveniently flush away clogs and clean drains completely.  This solution is based on the use of naturally occurring enzymes that are not toxic, yet extremely powerful.  Instead of using fumes, boiling, or heat, it resorts to the natural cycle of attacking organic waste like those that commonly clog your drains.  As a result, the food particles, hair, paper, cotton, and grease are converted into water, mineral ash, as well as carbon dioxide so that they can be flushed into the septic system without hassles.  To benefit from this environmentally sound solution, call us now at Huntington Beach Plumbing.

Sewer & Drain Inspection

Moreover, more than just drain cleaning, we also offer Sewer and Drain Inspection. In fact, we recommend that Video Sewer and Drain Inspection to be done before drain cleaning to make sure all your pipes are in good condition. We can avoid bursting pipes in the process and we can prevent higher cost of damages as well. Most of our clients ask for this type of service even without drain cleaning especially if they are suspecting plumbing issues, moving to a new house or wanting to buy one.

Our Take on Chemical Drain Cleaners

We understand that sometimes you may not have the time to call the plumbing experts. If you do not know that Huntington Beach Plumbing has an emergency line then chances are you would prefer pouring chemical drain cleaners instead of calling us to resolve the issue. However, even if people consider them as quick relief for plumbing issues we at Huntington Beach plumbing do not recommend using them. They are highly hazardous to your health and to your plumbing system. They can cause skin rashes, skin burns and blindness. They do the same to your pipes. They cause corrosion, deterioration and even holes. You might think you are simple cleaning your drains, but actually you are adding more plumbing issues which could result to bigger damage.

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