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Huntington Beach Leak Detection

Huntington Beach Leak Detection
One of the most common plumbing services that we at Huntington Beach Plumbing are always happy to do is leak detection. The reason being is that leak detection can help prevent a lot of plumbing issues that our customers could have experienced. With leak detection we help them avoid greater damages and higher cost. In our 30 years of experience, we have our customer’s welfare at the top of our priorities that is why we highly recommend periodic leak detection to residents and business owners.

Electronic Leak Detection

Huntington Beach leak detection service is efficient because we use electronic leak detection devices that locate leaks in just a few minutes or hours- depending of course in the size of your house. However, because it is electronic, it is non-intrusive. We do not have to dig holes, bring down walls or tear off your ceiling just to see where the leaks are coming from. To most of our customers this information alone is a source of great relief.

Video Drain Inspection

Our electronic leak detection devices are very accurate. This means we can determine exactly where the leaks are. With this, we do not have to change pipes right away. We try to avoid rerouting and repiping if possible. Instead we can also do video drain inspection to see if pipe lining is still possible. With fast and prompt leak detection services that Huntington Beach Plumbing offers we can save your pipes, avoid further deterioration, make use of your old plumbing system and restore old pipes for continued use. We believe that would be a lot of savings and a great help to our valued customers.

We Recommend Economical Solutions

One of the best reasons why our customers love to call us on us for plumbing issues is that we always make sure we recommend economical solutions. After leak detection services are done, we give our customers a list of possible plumbing solutions that they can avail of right away to make sure plumbing issues do not worsen.

Rerouting or Repiping

If pipe lining is no longer possible then we check for rerouting or repiping. We make sure that we offer an economical solution for you. If toilets leaks have gone bad and the toilet has to be replaced, we recommend low-flush types so you lower your water bills. That’s permanent savings by the way. Therefore, whatever the results are of our leak detection we make sure you will save more with the plumbing solutions that we offer.

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