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Huntington Beach Water Heater

We at Huntington Beach Plumbing provide a well-rounded service to our customers when it comes to water heaters. We take time to help our customers choose the best water heater for them. We also make sure that these water heaters suit their current needs, requirements and most of all, their budget. We help them in the selection process by recommending suitable and economical water heaters.

Selecting Water HeatersHuntington Beach Water Heater

Water heaters do breakdown. You probably know that by now. We at Huntington Beach Plumbing do all we can to repair your old units instead of replacing them. However, we also do cost analysis. If after checking and reviewing the cost, you will be spending more for repairs and parts, then we would recommend purchasing a new one instead. With new water heaters you can enjoy service warranties from manufacturers, possible tax credits and incentives and discounts too. We can recommend affordable water heaters for you to choose from.

Going Tank or Tankless?

One of the many reasons why Huntington Beach Plumbing is part of the selection process for water heaters is that there are just too many options. To start with, we can help you decide whether you need a water heater with a storage tank or a tankless one. Here are some considerations that we at Huntington Beach Plumbing check with our customers to help them decide:

  • Space

    Water heaters with storage tanks require more space. Tankless water heaters can be as small as suitcases. Of course, in choosing gas-fired you would need a space for ventilation but if you choose electric type, you would have to check further if you have the space for all other electrical accessories and requirements. We help check out if your plumbing system is fit for your preference and we also check the space for you and recommend which type suits you best.

  • Fuel Type

    Customers can be environmental, health or budget conscious. It is important to check if they prefer gas fired- natural gas or propane, electric, solar, oil or heat pump. For those who opt for tankless water heaters they can choose between gas-fired and electric. Tankless water heaters are more expensive but gas-fired tankless water heaters are three times more expensive. Whichever type you choose we can install and repair them for you.

Recommending Tankless

When you go for tankless water heaters Huntington Beach Plumbing can help you find the best options available in the market today. In fact, these are the common water heater systems that we highly recommend:

  • Takagi

    The name of this manufacturer is almost synonymous to efficiency.  It is one of the few manufacturers that have produced extremely efficient models with productions of 500 gallons an hour.

  • Navien

    This manufacturer has successfully balanced value and efficiency by coming out with models that are designed to save you money while preserving the environment.

  • Noritz

    Research and development efforts of this manufacturer have resulted in immense gains towards innovative tankless water heating systems that are seen as the trend for future homes.

If you need repair on these units or you need help in selecting, installing or repairing water heater systems, call Huntington Beach Plumbing and we’ll make things easy for you! 714-257-5933.

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