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Just how important is slab leak detection and what are the things that you should be aware of? These are some of the concerns that we will try to address to help you understand the potential dangers that it brings to you and your property as well as how you can deal with it.

Slab Leak Detection

How to Detect Slab Leaks

First off, if you do not have the equipment or the training, can you detect the presence of slab leaks? Luckily, there are warning signs that will help in locating leaks so that you can do the necessary repair to fix the leak in your home. Here are some plumbing leak detection methods you can count on.

  • High Water Bills – when it is higher than normal, there is a very real possibility that you have a water leak that you are not aware of. This can be very costly not only because of the high bill, but the plumbing leak can also result in damage requiring you to do foundation repair as well.
  • Sounds of Running Water –if you hear this sound and there are no plumbing fixtures open, then you have a plumbing issue on your hands.
  • Low Water Pressure –with a noticeable drop in water pressure, you can be sure that there is a leak somewhere in your home, unless of course the problem is on the side of your water supplier.
  • Warped Floors or Ceilings – one leak detection method is to visually inspect floors and ceilings. The warping is normally the result of a leak that happens to the plumbing behind it.
  • Presence of Mold – part of the method to detect and repair slab leaks is to be aware of the presence of molds in your home. This growth is attributed to the moisture buildup due to leaks.
  • Odor Detection –another warning sign is the presence of foul or rancid smell that goes into your home. This normally comes from either the formation of molds or leaks in the sewer lines.
  • Warm Spots – in case you notice warm spots happening throughout your floors, then there is a huge possibility that you have a slab leak that may need sewer line repair to be resolved.

What do you do when you notice these warning signs? The best course of action is to call a licensed professional plumber.

The cause of leakage

With those warning signs in mind, let’s take a look at the possible causes why leaks can occur behind slab foundations.

  • Ground Shift – It is inevitable due to structural age and environmental factors that the ground where your property sits on will shift. This puts pressure on the underlying water pipe resulting in damage.
  • Water Line Damage – unless specifically inspected, the damage to the line can go unnoticed until such time that it develops to a larger problem. This means that leak repairs can become more troublesome.
  • Quality of Water – the acidity can have an impact on the pipes where it runs causing water damage. Here lies the importance of pH testing so that this type of problem can be averted.
  • Water Pressure – excessive pressure can also put undue pressure on the pipes resulting in leaks. You have to observe your water meter to be aware of potential signs of leaks so that proper action can be taken.

When you are aware of the causes of water slab leaks, you will be able to take action immediately to lessen its impact.

Slab Leak Repairs

Is it possible to do slab leak repair on your own? The short answer would be “No”. Why? For one thing, you will need the proper equipment for leak detection and repair. Considering that these leaks are behind walls, floors, and ceilings, you cannot do it on your own.

Now, what can be done in repairing slab leaks? The best thing that you can do is to observe warning signs like hot spots or possible symptoms of sewer leaks. The earlier you detect these, the faster you can call a professional plumbing repair service.

Since sewer line repair or slab leak repair is quite a massive and potentially costly project, it would also be a good idea to incorporate it into renovation or other construction activities to be done in your home like bathroom remodel for example.

For professional plumbers, the common solutions that would be suggested to you would include:

  • Repiping;
  • Opening the foundation; and
  • Pipe coating among others.

Why it is Important to Call a Commercial Plumber if You Suspect a Water Leak?

How confident are your with your plumbing skills? If you are dealing with a leaking faucet or a worn out toilet flange, then maybe it would be fine to say that you can do it on your own. But, for a huge and tedious undertaking like leaks behind concrete slabs, you definitely need plumbing experts.

Considering that you do not have the training to identify the type of leak, let alone professional leak detection equipment, you may find yourself in a wild goose chase. Professional plumbers have the training and equipment to handle the problem effectively. This means finding the leak faster and coming up with the right solution.

Bear in mind that your home’s foundation is critical to its overall integrity. Since you will be cutting into it, you definitely need to know what you are doing. This is not something that you can do with a simple search on the internet. Other reasons why you need a commercial plumber?

  • Safety;
  • Repair warranty; and
  • Peace of mind.

Slab Leak Detection

What are Some Slab Leak Repair Options for Commercial Buildings

The layout of your home’s plumbing is different from that of a commercial plumbing, which normally goes wide and high. This means that the foundation used to support your home is different from that of a commercial building as well.

So if you have to detect and fix slab leaks in a commercial building, you cannot use methods designed for residential plumbing issues. So how can you resolve problems with water lines behind concrete slabs?

Professional plumbers usually start with camera inspection. The plumbing videos returned by this equipment allows them to accurately diagnose the problem with the commercial plumbing systems. This gives them the luxury of coming up with the right solutions.

The next question you would have to ponder on is whether all professional plumbers are capable of this. You should be aware that there are plumbing companies that specialize on commercial plumbing repairs. These are the types of providers that you need to contact for your commercial building to ensure that you get expert solutions.

Methods for slab leak prevention

After all of the things we have discussed, the many question to ponder on now would be, is there a way to prevent slab leak detection? There are certain methods that can be used, but, we have to be reminded that nothing is designed to last forever and eventually something would give in.

Foundation leaks will eventually happen, but, certain preventive measures can be done just like using surge protection on electrical appliances so that it doesn’t get destroyed when there is an electrical surge. What can we do?

  • Drain Cleaning – keeping your drains clean and healthy will extend the life of your plumbing pipes. Ensuring that chemical-based drain cleaner solutions are not used will go a long way from preventing slab leaks.
  • Plumbing inspection – periodically ask professional plumbers to do a sewer camera inspection on your property to get an accurate account on the condition of your entire plumbing system. This is something like going for your regular doctor’s checkup to make sure you do not have some hidden illness.
  • Water Pressure – ensure that the proper water pressure is running in your plumbing system. Too much pressure can cause leaks and eventually weaken the pipes until it bursts.
  • Monitor pH Levels – when hard water runs through your plumbing system, it can affect all your pipes including your drain lines. The high acidity in the water has a way of weakening the pipes making it susceptible to leaks.

When you do all of these, you not only ensure that your plumbing system is healthy, but you can also be sure that you can maintain good indoor air quality. Why? Because you eliminate or minimize the possibility of moisture, which creates mold and mildew growth in different areas of your home including in your attic insulation and basement crawlspaces.

Now that you understand the importance of slab leak detection, call Huntington Beach Plumber today!

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