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Find and Deal with Slab Leak at home

Posted on: January 4th, 2014 by huntingtonbeachplumber No Comments

Leaks found under your concrete foundation are popularly termed as slab leak. This leak could either be in the drain lines or the water pipes. Wherever the leak comes from, it has to be addressed fast for it could result to a lot of damages in your property or inconvenience at home.  Leaks which are left unattended for a long time could cause big expense to homeowners.

Deal with leaks immediately

Since the leak is found under concrete foundation, dealing with it is very hard. It would not be a surprise if part of your concrete flooring would be damaged. You need to make sure that the plumbing contractor you hire is an expert when it comes to dealing with slab leaks so that damages could be minimized.

Leaks in your plumbing could result to a lot of expense, but if it could be detected early, any major damages could be avoided. As soon as you observe the signs that there is leak under your foundation, you need to immediately deal with it. Knowing the signs that slab leak are present could certainly help a lot.

Sudden increase in Water Bill

Among the most common sign that there is leak in your home is sudden increase in the water bill. You need to check your water consumption. If it is still the same as last month but your bill is way higher, most likely a leak is causing the increase.

The first thing to do is to seek for leaks in visible pipes. If you fail to find any, the leak is most likely in areas which you could not reach without using the right tools.

During this situation, the best option is to call a professional plumber. Do not anymore wait for another month to check if the water bill is still high for during this time, the leak might have caused a bigger damage than you could think.

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is also affected when there is leak in the pipes. The bigger the leak, the more it could affect water pressure. This would result to a lot of frustrating times especially in the morning where water is very much needed for various purposes like cooking, bathing, cleaning and more.

Finding the leak first is very important. Since you don’t have the right skill and equipment to do so, it is best to leave this job to the experts. It is good to know that there are now a lot of plumbing contractors that offer their service in a very reasonable cost. You don’t have to spend that much in the leak detection and repair service you need.

If you seek quality service, call Huntington Beach Plumbing. We are certain that we could find the leaks in your pipes or drain and deal with it professionally. You don’t have to worry with our work since all the services we offer are guaranteed.